Vintage Neighbor


Vintage Neighbor is a collection of 10,000 neighbor NFT’s, unique digital collectables, living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Vintage Neighbor doubles as a ticket to the Vintage Neighbor Club, bringing returns in ETH, benefits, and perks from various projects.

Vintage Neighbors will first proof to you that they can earn you ETH back monthly.

[coming soon]


release after collection sold out

Win a >100’000 USD luxury watch.

Out of the first 5000 Vintage Neighbor owners, one lucky holder will have the opportunity to NFT customize a luxury watch. The holder will be the only one in the world to own this Vintage Neighbor unique product. This time piece will only be offered by

Watch Series

start after collection sold out

The Vintage Neighbor team and exclusive partners will design a small series of luxury watches, containing the best hardware available and connecting it all with the Web3 spirit. These limited time pieces will be presented at the world largest watch exhibitions. Vintage Neighbor holders will benefit from presale opportunities and the watch series revenues.

The Vintage Corner

release after collection sold out

The Vintage Corner is a luxury and specialty pieces shop, offering one of a kind items. Vintage Neighbor holders will unlock benefits and special offers, as well as profit from the shops revenues.

Soon we will be releasing one of our featured products offering luxurious and antique NFT frames surrounding a crystal clear digital display. 

The Photo Booth

release after collection sold out

The Photo Booth is an unique tool giving each holder the ability to request group shots of Vintage Neighbors and many more NFT’s you and your friends hold. More details will be released after mint out of the Vintage Neighbor collection.

Vintage Neighbor
Ask other NFT holders to take a picture and make memories

Vintage Neighbor Club

Earn Back from Projects.

All Vintage Neighbors will first prove that they can earn you ETH back.

Game Development.

All Vintage Neighbors will soon be able to participate in a multiplayer game, which is currently under development.


Vintage Neighbor holders will be able to open their own chat groups and interact with each other virtually and during physical meetups.

Financial & Payment Services.

The Vintage Neighbor Team has been working on global payment solutions and will release further details at a later date, including special benefits and gaining ETH from the revenues for all Vintage Neighbor holders.

Fun in the Neighborhood

Meet the Neighbors

Meet the Neighbors


Meet our Leaders

Our highly experienced teams have extensive years of successfully and simultaneously managing multiple projects. We are ready to unlock the future.

Founder - Vintage Neighbor

Founder & Artist
Software Engineer

  • ERP and Business Intelligence
  • Mobile-Focused Payment Applications
  • Creator & Artist of The Vintage Neighbor PFP Collection
  • In Crypto, 2013
Hardware Engineer - Vintage Neighbors

Hardware Engineer

  • Data Center Planning, Execution, Deployment & Operations
  • High Performance & Cloud Computing
  • In Crypto, 2011
  • Founder - Vintage Neighbor
    Finance - Vintage Neighbors

    Finance & IT

    • Fund & Insurance Track Record
    • University Professor & Teaching
    • Big Data and Hyper Scale Computing
    • In Crypto, 2017
    Sales - Vintage Neighbor

    Sales & Marketing

  • B2B Focused Sales
  • Product Development
  • Book Author & Writing Skills
  • Social Media
  • FAQ

    All Your questions, answered here

    • 9500 – public sale
    • 500 – future collaborations, marketing, advisors
    Owners of Vintage Neighbors have full commercial art rights for the Vintage Neighbor they own.
    No. The Vintage Neighbor collection is limited at 10,000 unique art pieces
    Yes, you can buy as many Vintage Neighbors as you like. Each one will benefit from perks and projects that can be found in the project club.
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